• While nearly all hair care products contain various pore-clogging ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, and oils, TEENOLOGY does not contain any potential ingredients that can lead to breakouts.
  •  TEENOLOGY is the first ever unisex line of hair and body care products designed specifically for teens.
  •  With its unique scents and formula, you can’t go wrong when choosing TEENOLOGY
  •  Each appealing shampoo and conditioner scent can be mixed and matched to perfect your personal desires. 
  •  TEENOLOGY is made with botanical extracts, leaving your hair feeling hydrated and healthy.
  •  TEENOLOGY’s packaging is like no other, providing high-end, distinctive bottles to each customer.
  •  Shampoos and conditioners are one of the most widely unknown causes of breakouts.
  •  Breakouts along the hairline can be easily avoided with the daily use of TEENOLOGY.